Helium Jam

Band/Solistin, Stil: Indie Rock from Tel Aviv

HELIUM JAM was created by Julia & Miriam Bogelfer in 2010.
 Most of their songs are in Russian. All copyrights for lyrics, music and performance are held by them. Julia & Miriam emigrated 2017 from Moscow to Israel and stopped their musical activities till 2020. They successfully performed at many European Rock Festivals and concert venues in Israel. In 2021 Concerts at Rockfestival Theater Malenkiy in Tel Aviv and Festival in Beit Guvrin and founded their „Rock Salon“ and Recording Studio.

Julia Bogelfer – vocal, bass, lyrics
Miriam Bogelfer – guitar, vocal, comp


Kontakt: Mahide Lein, Berlin
email: ed.ru1718564888tluk-1718564888ioha@1718564888ediha1718564888m1718564888