CfP: GRiNM Network Conference 2019: 14.-16.11.2019

In collaboration with the Zurich University of the Arts, GRiNM (Gender Relations in New Music) is pleased to announce the GRiNM Network Conference 2019: Experiences with Gender and Diversity in Contemporary Music. The conference will take place between 14.11. – 16.11.2019 in Zurich. The goal is to bring together thought leaders from across contemporary music, including artists, scholars, educators, festival leaders, and leaders of music venues, in order to address these systemic issues together across the entire musical ecosystem, and learn from each other’s practical experiences initiating change. The focus of the conference will be on hearing about significant projects already underway, as well as the first-hand know-hows about leading them, with the aim of developing together new praxeologies in the field.

The conference will also be a chance to solidify so many of the informal conversations and ideas we have had discussing this topic across so many countries and institutions. Now is the time to come together, learn from each other, and shape together the future of contemporary music. But in order to enact change, we need your help! We are also opening the floor starting today for any of the following kinds of proposals:

• If you yourself have been working on a project about diversity (of people, of practices) or gender issues in contemporary music at your school/university/venue/festival/government, we would love to have you come and share your experiences, your challenges, and your successes!
• If you want to suggest a panel discussion on a particular subtopic of this issue, be it diversity initiatives in a specific country, or a large-scale project you are working on, let us know and we can help you realize it in the context of this conference!
• If you would like to suggest a performance related in some way to this topic, we’re listening!
• If you are a scholar who wants to help think-with these new praxeologies, let us know!

If you are interested in applying, please send a short description of your proposal to moc.l1695704588iamg@1695704588cisum1695704588wenni1695704588snoit1695704588alerr1695704588edneg1695704588 with the subject line “Conference Idea” by March 18th.