Call For Scores: Partituren für Quartett

Die italienische Stiftung Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica hat einen Call für Partituren ausgeschrieben. Das Musikstück soll von einem Quartett: Oboe oder English Horn, Violine, Viola und Violoncello am 26.11.2017 am International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women im Teatro Lirico in Cagliari (Italien) aufgeführt werden.

Rules and Regulations:
1. This call is open to women composers of all nationalities, ages, working in all genres.
2. Instrumentation requested: oboe or cor anglais (English horn), violin, viola and violoncello
3. Duration: 6 minutes
4. Works should be in traditional notation without extended techniques or prepared instruments.
5. Scores may be new or previously performed and in PDF files (no recordings or MP3 files please) and should be sent to: gro.a1708997084cisum1708997084nienn1708997084od@mu1708997084rof1708997084 marked International Day.
6. Please also send a 10 line biography including nationality, contact address, date and place of birth (in Times New Roman 12) as WORD file.
7. Deadline for submission: 23.06.2017 – final decision announced in July, 8.

Composers are invited to send a donation via PayPal (gro.a1708997084cisum1708997084nienn1708997084od@mu1708997084rof1708997084) to sustain the Foundation’s ongoing work. For all queries please contact gro.a1708997084cisum1708997084nienn1708997084od@mu1708997084rof1708997084.