Call For Papers: Symposium „Singing A Song In A Foreign Land“ 21.-23.02.2014 London

As part of the international collaborative Project ESTHER (funded by the Culture Programme of the European Union), the Royal College of Music is holding a three-day symposium and celebration, exploring the work of émigré musicians in Great Britain and other countries during and after the Second World War „Singing A Song In a Foreign Land“ from 21.-23. February 2014. From the impact of such cultural transfer upon musical institutions (opera houses, broadcasting, concert venues and universities) to the stories of individual composers and performers building a new life and reputation in a new country, „Singing a Song in a Foreign Land“ will involve paper presentations, panel discussions and interviews, and performances of music by European émigrés. Papers and poster presentations dealing with any aspect of this cultural exchange are welcome. These include studies of specific individuals, the evolution of organisations and institutions, reception of émigré music and musicians in their new country, and the compositional, performative and scholarly impact of émigré musicians on British musical life in the short and long term.
Abstracts (250 words) for individual papers (20 minutes) and poster sessions should be submitted by Monday 2nd December 2013 to ku.ca1718932892.mcr@1718932892sergi1718932892melac1718932892isumm1718932892cr1718932892" target="_blank">ku.ca1718932892.mcr@1718932892sergi1718932892melac1718932892isumm1718932892cr1718932892.

For further information and enquiries, please contact: Dr. Katy Hamilton, +44 (0)20 7591 4786, ku.ca1718932892.mcr@1718932892sergi1718932892melac1718932892isumm1718932892cr1718932892