European Jazz Conference – Budapest, 24.-27. September 2015

The European Jazz Conference (EJC) is the most important annual meeting of jazz professionals in Europe, in particular of producers, presenters and jazz support organisations. What was the General Assembly of the Europe Jazz Network, since 2014 became the European Jazz Conference and it is now opened to everyone who wants to participate, upon payment of a participation fee. The expected participation is of around 350 people, of which 150 are members of the Europe Jazz Network and 200 are other professionals.
The European Jazz conference is composed of keynote speeches, debates, working groups and networking sessions, which will give to participants the possibility to connect with hundreds between the main jazz presenters in Europe, including the members of the Europe Jazz Network. Moreover, every evening at the venue there will be showcases of the most interesting and innovative jazz ensembles in Hungary.
The theme for the 2015 Conference is “Make it Happen”, with a focus on positive and concrete implementation of new ideas and original projects.

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