BWH Music Group promotet Musikerinnen zum Women’s History Month

Aus Anlass des Women’s History Month bietet das Label BWH Music Group Musikerinnen die Möglichkeit, ihre Musik in der Rotation der Indie-Radiosender in den USA zu präsentieren und sich in einem Interview zu präsentieren. Für € 15,– wird folgendes Angebot ausgeschrieben:

1. You will get an interview on 10 Questions! One of the most popular blogs in the U.S. 10 Questions is a fun way for new music fans to get know some of the best indie artists and bands in today’s music scene through 10 intriguing questions. Interviews include links, photos and videos (if you have one).

2. Your song will be in rotation on National Indie Radio (WNIR)’s Herstory Radio show and we will introduce you to our listeners with a 3-sentence promo. Our station is heard all over the world. WNIR has free app downloads oniTunes and Android making it easy to share your song anywhere and anytime.You will receive a 2-week rotation!

Bewerbung mit Link zu eigener Musik:  moc.l1701496118iamg@1701496118cllpu1701496118orgci1701496118sumhw1701496118b1701496118