Call for articles: „Music, Race and Ethnicity“ (Sonderausgabe des JAMS)

The JAMS editorial board, in collaboration with the AMS Committee on Race and Ethnicity, solicits articles for a special issue of JAMS on music, race and ethnicity. This special issue seeks to broaden the scholarly conversation around the topic, affirming the central role of musicology in understanding the crucial issues of our time. Articles may address the nexus of race, ethnicity, and music in local, national, international and/or transnational contexts. Authors may discuss creative practice (composition, improvisation, performance); historiography and discourse; identity, representation, and canon; technology, curation, media and social media discourses; sound and timbre; and production, consumption, pedagogy, listening, and reception. Authors may also investigate interdisciplinary intersections with discourses and practices of gender and sexuality; religion and spirituality; class, diaspora, decolonization, difference, and ability; politics, economics, globalization, migration, and institutional practices.

Articles of any length up to 20.000 words are welcome. Submissions are subject to the regular peer review processes and procedural guidelines for JAMS; please follow the detailed submission guidelines.

The deadline is July 1, 2018. Submit all articles to ude.s1701977919serpc1701977919u@rot1701977919idesm1701977919aj1701977919.